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The Real Estate Institute Of Queensland

Check the agent you’re using is an accredited REIQ member

– we are. It gives you additional peace of mind.

Residential Tenancies Authority

If you’re using a good property manager like us you won’t

need this – but these guys set the rules for renting any

residential property in Queensland so it’s worth a visit.

Office of Fair Trading

The State Government body that oversees the property

industry. Lots of consumer info and facts on contracts

and the law when buying and selling real estate.

Land Tax Estimator

If you own more than one property in Queensland you should

keep an eye on this. Find your UCV(unimproved capital value)

of your property on your latest council rates notice.

Median Rent Quick Find

Every bond is lodged with the RTA so their stats section

(weekly rents etc) is as accurate as you can get.